Features :

ANTI theft Mechanism: Free from theft easy to handle and no risk due to lightweight.

  • Rust Free: Does not rust due to chemical/sewerage/rainwater.
  • Effective Service Life: High service life as it does not corrode and has high impact resistance.
  • UV Stabilized: The pigment is built in the material and UV stabilized.
  • Material: Reinforced Plastic Composite Material can be Recycled.
  • Economical Cost: RPC Cover is Cheaper than Cast Iron & R.C.C. Manhole Covers & Rings.
  • Temperature Tolerance : High & Low-temperature resistance with the range +45 C, - 40 C.
  • Free Design : Any Logo can be engraved on Manhole Cover.



Dimension :

  •    Diameter of Cover : 650mm   A
  •    Clear opening Size : 600mm   B
  •    Diameter of Frame : 790mm   C


Load Capacity : Can bear load of 50 tons Vehicle.

Weight :      40 Kg