Inland Water Engineering & Constructions (Pvt) Ltd.

We are the leading construction company in Pakistan

Inland Water Engineering & Constructions (Pvt) Ltd. (IWEC) was established in 1978 by Parvaiz Akram (CEO). Initially this firm started contracts with low investment level then with the passage of time it became a progressive construction and Engineering Firm. We have built our reputation by performing the highest quality work and providing the most innovative solutions on the widest range of demanding and high profile projects. With district offices around the country IWEC has the capabilities and local expertise to address each region’s unique geotechnical construction needs. In over 44 years of experience we have been building life time relationships with our clients through our services under supervisions of professionals. Our work experience describes our wide spectrum in terms of function, size, location, building systems, materials technology, and clients. We have worked with leading groups of Pakistan in different sectors. Inland Water Engineering & Constructions (Pvt) Ltd. , formerly known as IWEC, is an organization of highly qualified engineers, project managers and technical professionals undertaking the most challenging and prestigious civil engineering and building construction projects in Pakistan. The IWEC vision enhances the internal culture, and maintains IWEC’s reputation as a construction leader, an employer of choice, a trustworthy and respected contractor and an active community member.

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Why we are leading construction company in Pakistan

Our priority is to ensure you are confident with each step towards your build. When working with us, you’re guaranteed clear and consistent communication, as well as a continuous line of dialogue throughout the building process. Even if you’re not physically present at the site, it’s important for us to know that you remain updated. Our experience, quality control, sensible timelines and excellent customer relationships are all part of the reason that people choose First Class Construction for their new build.

The only Reinforced Plastic Composite (RPC) manhole manufacturer in Pakistan

Reinforced Plastic Composite Manhole Covers in Pakistan